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A Few Guidelines to Achieving Your Perfect Kitchen...

This month, we have spent rather a lot of time combing through the latest culinary appliances and researching the most hardwearing joinery as we're currently designing three kitchens. With so many designs to choose from, and the expenses to consider, it can be a little daunting for most. So, we thought it would be a good idea to share some very simple, yet beneficial, tips to aid you in the process.

1.  Put Function First

We have never come across a client who does not want more storage. The majority of the time, we recommend running cabinets right up to the ceiling, that way there are no gaps to attract dust. Also, consider deep drawers for easier access to pots and pans, and include enough storage for appliances that otherwise would clutter up countertops. It is very rare though that there is a need to completely fill a room with cabinets and it is important to find spaces to breathe. This can often be found around windows, sinks or key walls where artwork or open shelving creates interest and character.

2.  Location, Location, Location

Efficiency and practicality are paramount when designing a kitchen. One often here's the term 'kitchen triangle' branded about and although traditionally this is important, we try to create a work area that goes from fridge to sink to hob, with several paces between. Generally, the fridge and the sink need to be linked, but the cooking section can be a little more isolated or independent. In terms of a wall mounted oven, remember to place a large counter space close by, if not, where will one place the roast once it comes out of the oven? Finally, always have the bin located near the dishwasher so that you can clear the plates and dishes before loading them for washing.

3.  “Let There Be Light”

Unlike other rooms in the house, overhead lighting is frequently insufficient in the kitchen. In the kitchen, you don't want the light behind you, casting a shadow on the workspace. You need it positioned to fall in front of you. We recommend installing under-cabinet lights because they shine directly on countertops and the working area. Pendants can also look very dramatic and add a decorative feature whilst lowering the ceiling, we often relate interest over counters to soften the dining area.

4.  Coffee / Breakfast Station

We like to place everything that one needs to make a perfect cup of coffee or tea all in one place. This includes: The espresso machine; an array of assorted cups; cafetiere; coffee beans and sugar are stored in glass canisters and commonly the teas and teaspoons are in a drawer.

5.  Serious Sinks

Like it or not, your sink and the area around it will get the most use and traffic in any kitchen. We recommend that where possible, the sink is located under a window with slightly angled grooves to the draining-board counter next to the sink. That way, water from just-washed dishes runs back into the sink.

Recently, we have been working with several kitchen companies and would highly recommend the following:


Martin Moore & Company

T: 0845 180 0015

W: www.martinmoore.com



T: 020 7902 5245

W: www.poggenpohl.com


Smallbone of Devizes

T: 020 7589 5998

W: www.smallbone.co.uk

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