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Bernie de Le Cuona New Collection

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the unveiling of Bernie de Le Cuona’s new cushion collection, at her small but perfectly formed, Walton Street store. Bernie is someone that I massively admire in how she has built her business, but also for her elegance and eye for beauty, so I was eager in anticipation about seeing the new collection.

The new designs bring a wonderful range of ready-made cushions, all featuring exquisite trimmings; stunning chic fabrics, beautifully understated in linen and wool; and gorgeous cashmere throws. One of the things I love about De Le Cuona’s fabrics is that they always hang well, making them versatile for using on bed covers, curtains, drapes and upholstery.

When designing cushions for my own clients, I like to source interesting trimmings, providing contrasting textures and colours. I love the fact that Bernie too takes great care in designing the trimmings of each and every cushion, whether it is velvet borders, leather straps, or merely indented large stitching.

I was first introduced to de Le Cuona whilst working on a chalet in France and soon fell in love with their exquisite hand-woven Paisley collection, which has become so well renowned throughout the world. Since then I have used Bernie’s fabrics for numerous projects, and have found their ‘soft’ textures always make an impact on my designs.

Whilst always searching for new and wonderful items for clients, I often find pieces that I just can't live without. One of which, is the "Watercolour Paisley cushions in puddle" which my bedroom is now crying out for. If you are in the area, it is well worth a look around their showroom.


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