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Rebecca Hughes


Fashionista Bedroom

I am currently designing a modern, glamorous bedroom for a die-hard fashionista. Each item of furniture and fabric choice must exude luxury whilst also being a space where one can relax and unwind.

During these grey, dismal months it’s important that the first step you take in the morning is greeted with comfort and warmth. So, I have chosen an ivory Sylka fitted carpet and Sylka rugs which give the look and feel of 100% silk but come at a fraction of the cost. Commonly used in luxury yachts, the colours and practicality of the carpet ticks all of my boxes.  Sylka is stocked exclusively at Borderline Carpets. 

[Courtesy of SYLKA™ Carpets] 

Following the Talisman’s latest shipment I have come across this striking Teal lacquered asymmetrical commode and pair of ceramic bedside table lamps.



[Courtesy of Talisman]


Here is the interior of their King’s Road branch.


[Courtesy of Talisman]

Whether you like it or not, bed heads, bed dressing and what type of bed to chose are all big questions for any bedroom and will ultimately shape the overall look. Here are a few four-poster bed inspiration images that I am using to influence this room.


[Designed by Miles Redd image courtesy of Elle Décor]

[Designed by Michael S. Smith]


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