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We are currently in the middle of sourcing furniture for a London townhouse project we are working on, and have stumbled upon a little gem that we wanted to tell you about. It can sometimes be hard to find unique pieces with the right character to match the overall scheme. In our search for beautiful furniture we recently came across the gorgeous company House & Table (http://www.houseandtable.com/).

We have been getting to know Creative Director Stephanie Spurrier, as we have already ordered a number of items, but we thought it would be fun to catch up for an interview for our blog. Have a read below for some fantastic insights into hunting for furniture.


  • What inspired you to start your own business?


I created House & Table because friends kept asking me to source special things for them. It seemed that they liked and trusted my taste. Then, when I bought my own worker’s cottage, I couldn’t find a range of items from all over the world in one place. And finally, I realised that a lot of people don’t have the time, or don’t like to search high and low for those special things, I love it. And it sort of just came together like that.


  • What best characterises the style that you look for?


My slogan for HOUSE & TABLE is 'rustic chic interiors and decorative items' and this sums up the style that I look for really. Chic enough that the house looks beautiful, but rustic enough so that it still looks like a home. I like the things I buy to have age and history to them but chic enough that it looks elegant and clean. I grew up in Hong Kong and this may explain the Oriental touch to my largely European range. I love the combination of eastern and western things together in one space.


  • One of the things we love about your company, is your challenge service, it sounds like such fun. Could you tell us what the hardest thing you've had to search for is? Were you successful?


I love our 'challenge us' service. You cannot imagine the kind of things people request me to find! I think the hardest thing I was asked to look for was a Bell with Napoleons head as the handle. And no, I never found one! But I still keep my eyes peeled. Most items are pretty easy to find as that's the part of the job I most love. So for me, finding someone's desired item is a total pleasure. Things like Edwardian armchairs that need re upholstering, chest of drawers, zinc top tables, glass jars, they are all out there, I guess you just need to know where to go to get them!


  • Do you have any favourite blogs that you keep an eye on?


I keep an eye out on loads and loads of blogs to get inspired by and to get new ideas from. Here are a few:










  • Do you have any tips on where to find great vintage furniture?


I source my things from everywhere and anywhere. Large antique markets, small markets, flea markets, shops, charity shops, cheap antique shops… They are everywhere, you just have to have the patience and time to hunt them out. Buying is my favourite part of the job; I could never get bored of shopping for things. My stuff has come from all over. Morocco, Vietnam, Hungary, France...

So if you are on the look out for some special pieces to inspire your designs, have a good look at Stephanie's website and maybe test her challenge service... We're off to buy Napoleon's bell!


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