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Rebecca Hughes


Anthony Stern Glass

As the Christmas season approaches and they start opening on a Saturday it feels time to talk about one of our favourite and most trusted suppliers, Anthony Stern Glass. The colours he uses and the mix of pattern have set him apart for years but it wasn’t until recently that we discovered that the company was originally founded in creating stunning tableware. 

These days, he has branched out into lighting and we love his marble like pendants. We recently commissioned a bespoke one with for one of our international projects and went to their studio in Battersea to be there when it come out of the kiln. 

However Stern is most widely and notably known for the seascapes he creates in wonderful one off pieces, which take on the form of practical vases. The talent he possesses to describe such detail and almost realism in ultimately abstract and technically difficult medium is second to non. HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Elton John, the Saudi Royal Family, the Victoria & Albert Museum and Barclays Bank are all collectors. 

His son Charlie, who is following in his fathers footsteps, recently started experimenting with a new technology alongside the traditional methods the company has be come to be known for. Many artists have embraced 3D printing but not in quite the same way that Charlie is using it. The forms he creates in clay take on the appearance of completely different materials. For example the ones bellow look at first like rusty chainmail and cork respectively. 

Charlie told us recently the story of how their new Lollypop Lamp came about. Apparently it has a lot in common with the invention of such wonders as Penicillin, Velcro, Corn Flakes and Coca-Cola in that it was completely by chance. He set a spherical pendent lamp down on a tubular table lamp so that it didn’t roll onto the floor and break. Voila this beautiful Lollypop Lamp was born! 

Anthony Stern Glass will be opening up their studio in the run up to Christmas on Saturday 3rd, 10th and 17th of December 11am - 4pm. 

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