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As an interior design company we take our influences from a range of sources. Fashion, design and art are three key spheres that influence both our design philosophy and pieces that we use in our projects. We work closely with art galleries to provide our clients with beautiful artworks that really compliment and bring together our plans for a space.  In our latest blog, Leslie Pratt, the director of Cricket Fine Art London and Hungerford, shares her expertise on how art can transform both newly designed spaces and existing rooms.

Townhouse Kensington designed by Rebecca Hughes Interiors featuring artwork by Frank Phelan. 

“Established over 20 years ago, Cricket Fine Art specialises in contemporary art both figurative and abstract.  We represent a wide range of very talented emerging artists working in a number of mediums, sizes and subject matter.  A large stock of work is kept in both galleries.

Family Home London designed by Rebecca Hughes Interiors featuring work by Lucy Boydell available from Cricket Fine Art. 

Cricket Fine Art prides itself in working closely with private clients and interior design companies to help source and supply art for them and our roles within each project vary enormously. We are happy to offer advice on purchasing a piece or to act as art consultants to support an interior design company in examining the options they may have for a certain project. I believe that art is an important part of the home. It transforms and enhances the scheme of a room. Purchasing art is understandably personal and sometimes daunting - we try and establish a good rapport with our clients to understand each client’s individual needs in order to find the perfect piece for their tastes.

Family Home London designed by Rebecca Hughes Interiors featuring artwork by Lottie Cole available from Cricket Fine Art. 

When choosing art for your home it is important to consider three key concepts that can work as a basis to assist you in finding a piece that brings your space to life.

  1. How does the piece compliment the existing scheme of the room?
  2. Is it intended to be the focal point of the room or an additional piece being added to other artwork already hanging?
  3. What is the natural light source of the room

Art brings together the transformation of a space be it a new design or refreshing an existing one. Colour palettes and the use of space and theme are important to consider when looking for a piece that enhances a design scheme. A cream or beige room for instance can be lifted with a bright work of art and add a point of contrast to the room.

Family Home London designed by Rebecca Hughes Interiors featuring artwork by Chloe Lamb available from Cricket Fine Art.

Art as a focal point interests me greatly. I enjoy advising my clients and guiding them to choose work for the right space that can then become a focal point, not just part of the decoration. A stunning piece of art can work well with the objects and furnishings with colours being picked out. It is important not to overcrowd an artwork. It needs to have space to be appreciated and enjoyed and to allow it to stand alone as a treasured piece in your home.

Finally, how do you choose art for your home? Every piece has an intrinsic quality that sometimes cannot be defined. Personal tastes and preferences play a huge role in the choosing of an artwork. I always advise my clients to choose a work of art that they like, that they enjoy and something that speaks to them on a personal level. My goal is to understand our client’s tastes and guide them towards works that I know they will like.

Family Home London designed by Rebecca Hughes Interiors featuring work by Bridget Lansley and Dooze Storey available from Cricket Fine Art.

For more information on Cricket Fine Art and their artists contact the Fine art gallery via info@cricketfineart.co.uk or on 0207 352 2733. Cricket Fine Art’s Christmas exhibition is currently showing at both their galleries in London and Hungerford.

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