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Rebecca Hughes


Review - Signature Spaces by Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen

Signature Spaces is the first book by designer and international man of style Paolo Moschino. We have done a little feature on the designer before but when his new book came out just before Christmas, we had to do another one.


Born and raised in Italy, Mochino move over to London after studying Social Sience in Florence. In the early 90’s he co-owned The Nicholas Haslam LTD Showroom in Holbein Place with his then partner, Nicky. Following their split in 1995 it was decided that Mochino would maintain ownership of the shop side of the business and Haslam would continue with the running of the interior design side. Mochino set up an interior design side to the shop however and has designed houses all over the world not just London’s most affluent areas.


Moschino and his partner in both life and the company, Philip Vergeylen now split their time between their London home and Sussex Farmhouse with French Bull dogs, Rocco and Louis. These homes both feature in the book and their love of antiques and art are both clear.


Signature Spaces shows off both designers trademark style. Every room is full to the brim with glossy surfaces, moody artwork and texture. The mix of traditional English, European whimsy and use of bold colour is admirable. Every object has clearly been thought through thoroughly and sourced specifically from an antique bust to the trim on the cushions. Their style doesn’t feel forced though. These rooms are inviting and warm with a clear importance put on the homeowner and their guest’s comfort. 


We particularly love the use of a very simple pallet of colour brought coherently together through mixing materials, textures and surfaces. The addition of antiques and lots of artwork make the spaces feel timeless and calm.

Of course however in other rooms we love their use of bright colour next to these elements, which creates drama and opulence.

Overall we were very impressed with this book. Like most design books its very picture heavy but with such gorgeous interiors as these, we are okay with that! A bonus is also that underneath the dust jacket is also a particularly beautiful, embossed leopard print cover. An indulgent addition to any bookcase!

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