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The Importance of Art

In our opinion art is one of the most important things ina room. It has just as much effect on a space as the furniture or the print of a fabric.

Often it’s easy to get bogged down in choosing fabrics with the right colour or pattern but these can take up far less room in a space than the artwork on the walls. Therefore it is important that there is as much emphasis on choosing art as there is in choosing the fabric for a 50 x 50 cushion.

What the artwork depicts is also important to think about. Like the books on your shelves and coffee tables, art conveys your interests and taste for anyone to read. However of course the most important thing is that you love it. Like with all interiors, if you love everything in a room then it will come together. Embrace the eclectic nature that this produces.

The materials in a piece can add interest and depth to a space as well. Simply painted walls can have interest added by putting up artwork with more colour and texture involved. Thick layers of paint and mixed media

On the other side of this what also works well is having a simple drawing on a textured paper a similar colour to the walls. The tactile quality of a good paper adds a lot to a space without competing with the walls or other colours in the room. Simply softening your eye.

It is also important to get the framing right. Have a good think about how you want the art and subsequent walls to be read? They can bridge the gap between a strong piece of art and a calmer wall or equally they can define a subtler piece. Recently we put a piece of artwork in the center of some joinery. The art was a fragmented abstract, which meant that it was competing with the bitty nature of the objects of the shelves. By framing the artwork in a very thin, white frame we separated the two but kept the coherently of the shelves overall intact.

When it comes to designing a room, a prominent piece of existing artwork in the room can be a great starting point to draw inspiration from. Not just in colours but in its position in a room and where you want the focus of the eye drawn to.

Down the line, one of the best ways to update a room is simply moving around the art on the walls or changing out a piece. Of course you don’t need to be able to afford artists like Hockney or a Matisse. Prints and reproduction posters are a great way of getting the classics into your home and most galleries do great quality ones in their gift shops. However it doesn’t even need to be a framed painting. A collection of plates or an interesting textile will do exactly the same thing.

If you do want to incorporate originals then we would suggest spending a weekend in the countryside going around one of the many art trails or artists open houses events that take place around the country. The Artists Open Houses which are part of the Brighton Festival every year, The Wylee Valley Art Trail in Wiltshire and the Dorset Art Trail are all ones we would recommend and are just a short drive from London.

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