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Rebecca Hughes


The Power of White & How The White Company Harness it

White in the world of colour is the only pure one, untouched by any other. We think of white as being a sign of cleanliness, immaculate and neat.

In the design world it is often used as the base to a palette in which to build off and add interest though textures, colour and pattern. White is often used in accessories and on woodwork, like skirting’s and cornices, to lift a scheme.

Whilst traditionally Western culture use it as a symbol for creation, in it’s purest form before it gets muddied, in many other cultures it is also a sign of one chapter in a persons life coming full circle. This plays into the idea that white is a refreshing and strengthening colour. Purifying and rejuvenating. A sign of the slate wiped clean.

Therefore white is the perfect colour for bed linen. It isn’t just a sign of rejuvenation for the following day but a sign of refreshment for the nights rest. A chunk of those precious 24 hours we live each day that is often over looked, written off as necessary but not productive.

Which leads us into the company that has made it their mission to reevaluate how we treat sleep and its importance in setting us up for the following day.

We recently visited The White Company’s Marylebone store with our rep and in doing this we truly got a feel for just how this British cornerstone are getting it so right.

Of course the store has been strategically planned and thought through, for example the perfumery by the entrance, contained behind Crittall walls to heighten the smell.  As soon as we walked into the showroom the feeling of ‘Zen’ is felt! It doesn’t feel contrived but a natural, relaxed atmosphere.

Their bedding range is located on the lower ground floor. This basement area creates a feeling of intimacy and seclusion, which is desired in a bedroom.

The White Company staff are first rate, non-more so than one long-standing employee who showed us the power of the products. She asked us to close our eyes and hold our hands out, thinking nothing had been placed in them we were surprised to see a small clump of down in each of our hands.  It was so light and yet all we could feel was the warmth growing beneath it. This was Icelandic duck eider down, the gold dust of the down family.

This is the perfect example of how engaging and enthusiastic the white company is with their customers.

The quality on offer across all departments is impressive but with an affordable price point that our clients love. Their white bedding is a go-to for us in most of our projects, long may it reign!

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