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Bianca Smith

We are having a love affair. There’s this artist. This artist who makes our hearts sing and our souls leap. 

Bianca Smith Art

Bianca Smith is an Australian descendent of Sir Richard Westmacott, the sculptor behind the reliefs on the north side of Marble Arch and the Wellington tribute of Achilles at Hyde Park Corner. Sculpture has worked it’s way into Smiths own work. She loves making 3d models of her work and in 2005 exhibited alongside John Kennedy.  Her favoured materials range from clay to wire and plaster but ultimately all end up being cast in bronze.

Bianca Smith Art

Her Picasso like forms and thin, black, gouache lines have drawn more than just us in. Cricket Fine Art have taken her on as one of their artists and she has formed a great partnership with Tyson London.

Bianca Smith Art

For us, her wonderful mix of shape and colour has been the finishing touch to a number of schemes. The collaboration with her partner Timothy Bilbow, who sources incredible antique frames, adds an authentication to her work and steeps them in as much history as that of her family history.

Bianca Smith Art

Whilst she has already achieved an awful lot in her career, we feel that Bianca Smith is definitely one to watch and one to start collecting!

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